Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How to solve Internet connection problems in windows

How to solve Internet connection problems in windows or How to reset network settings in windows..

Internet connected but any webpage not load...if u have this problem, then read these....

1. Check your windows Host file

Host file is main fiel for TCP/IP
deafult path of this file in xp is C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
right click on the file and open with notepad, if there is no problem nothing worry,
if there is a problem, just copy attached host files from below link, and copy to that folder, (overwrite)....

2. Check your TCP/IP Settings

Windows Xp go to control panel > Network Connections---  select your network and right click, properties, go to network tab, select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and then click properties, check obtain an IP address automatically and obtain DNS server address automatically, click ok...

3. Reset Your TCP/IP Manually

Windows Xp, start > run, type "cmd" press enter, then type "netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt", then enter, You will then have to restart your computer...

4. Reset Your Winsock Manually

It's similar to resetting TCP/IP, start > run, type "cmd", type “netsh winsock reset“, then enter, You will then have to restart your computer...

Sometimes even these steps will not fix a faulty connection of you, then contact your network executive...

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Telugu computer Training in telugu font - Telugu Comptuter Books

Computer Training & Information in Telugu Language

If you don't know about computer operating because Language Problem (English)
so, download this rar file and extract,
i had upload pdf files in this rar, see and read and gain knowledge....


Best of luck....

Saturday, 20 October 2012

How to save image or flash files from any web page

How to save image from picasa web album, facebook album application, html album, web album, embed images flash files........

just open your page..
after load your page.......

In Firefox:-  Go to tools menu,   Page info option,  click on Media tab,  see & select your image,  click save as button.... and save to disk.....That's all

How to Save images, flash files from websites
For flash files also same process, just select your flash file and click save as button (more useful for web developers)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ANU SCRIPT MANAGER 7.0 (With Installation Guide & Using)

Type Indian langauges in windows applications with Anu script manager 7.0

Supported Langauges:- Hindi, Devnagari, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam

Supported Applications:- MS-Word, Photoshop, Pagemaker, Corel and many more (Maximum all Windows Applications)

Download file from this link

How to Install:-
Extract, Run setupPS application (or/&) Run setupTTF application (if you require you can install two applications or One)
Restart your PC..

How to use:-
Open any application e.g.- Ms word, Pagemaker,
Open anu script manager, Select your language, Select your keyboard (e.g. Telugu - Apple)
Select your language font in application (e.g. for Telugu select Pallavithin, Aradhana or any, for Hindi select Kruthi, yogini or any)
Then type your words in your language....

In this folder i upload Telugu Apple Keyboad layout, Telugu Doe Keyboad layout, Telugu Indica Keyboad layout, Telugu Micro Keyboad layout, Telugu mono Keyboad layout, Telugu Roma Keyboad layout, Telugu Vision Keyboad layout....

Here i attached Telugu Apple Keyboard Layout..
Anu Script Telugu Apple Keyboard Layour

Anu Script Telugu Roma Keyboard Layour

Any doubt ask me....

Link updated......

Convert Pagemaker to PDF files with Acrobat Distiller

Easy Method to Create PDF files in Pagemaker via Acrobat Distiller.

First download this file (Adobe Postscript Printer Driver Software),

And Download Acrobat disteller from this link:

Extract two rar files and install Postscript Printer Software & Acrobat distiller

Now open your Pagemaker file
Click on Print (CTRL+P),  On Printer Name Option:- Select printer Name = Acrobat Distiller on C:\Documents and settings......
Then hit Print, (Select corrent place to save pdf file).


Go to printer Settings, Go to Acrobat Distiller Printer, Right click, click printing preferences, unmark Do not send fonts to Distiller, OK

Now Open your Pagemaker file,   Go to File Menu, Export, Acrobat PDF (or) go to Standard bar, click on adobe pdf icon
Click on Export....(Save your PDF file)

This method using on all windows documents to convert pdf (e.g. MS-Excel, MS-Word, and many more)

Any doubts comment......

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Folder lock without any software

Hide your Files / Folders without any software:

first download this file & unrar,

Then open, u got a notepad file.

and replace your password on 23rd line instead of-   type your password here    place
now save as, give the file name as   -   locker.bat.
In save as type option - select all files
u can view a file - msdos batch file -  like lock icon
double click that,
u can find a folder named - locker,
copy your files into that locker folder,
now double click locker.bat file, it as - are u sure want to u lock the folder(Y/N)
now type-  y   and enter
so your locker folder is hide,
when you need that folder - double click on locker.bat -  it ask enter password to unlock folder- now u enter ur password

and click enter

thats all you can view your locker folder and see your files inside that....

dont forget-  hide locker.bat file

Friday, 25 May 2012

Oxford, English Tamil, English Kannada - Kannada English Dictionaries

Oxford Collocation Dictionary:

English Tamil Dictionary:

English Kannada & Kannada English Dictionary:

English Tamil Dictionary link download rar file....