Friday, 30 March 2012

What is a Computer?

Computers are not very intelligent devices, but they handle instructions flawlessly and fast. They must follow explicit directions from both the user and computer programmer. Computers are really nothing more than a very powerful calculator with some great accessories. Applications like word processing and games are just a very complex math problem

Software and Hardware

If you use a player piano as an analogy, the piano can be thought of as the hardware and the roll of music as the software.
  The software a series of very simple computer instructions carefully organized to complete complex tasks. These instructions are written in programming languages (like BASIC, PASCAL, C...) to help simplify the development of applications.
  The hardware is what sits on your desk and executes the software instructions. The player piano is useless unless the roll of music has been written correctly.

Hardware Components

Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Hard dist etc..

Hardware Accessories

Modems, CD-ROM, Printers, Scanners etc...

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