Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Convert Pagemaker to PDF files with Acrobat Distiller

Easy Method to Create PDF files in Pagemaker via Acrobat Distiller.

First download this file (Adobe Postscript Printer Driver Software),

And Download Acrobat disteller from this link:

Extract two rar files and install Postscript Printer Software & Acrobat distiller

Now open your Pagemaker file
Click on Print (CTRL+P),  On Printer Name Option:- Select printer Name = Acrobat Distiller on C:\Documents and settings......
Then hit Print, (Select corrent place to save pdf file).


Go to printer Settings, Go to Acrobat Distiller Printer, Right click, click printing preferences, unmark Do not send fonts to Distiller, OK

Now Open your Pagemaker file,   Go to File Menu, Export, Acrobat PDF (or) go to Standard bar, click on adobe pdf icon
Click on Export....(Save your PDF file)

This method using on all windows documents to convert pdf (e.g. MS-Excel, MS-Word, and many more)

Any doubts comment......


  1. can you please send me acrobat distiller?

  2. please send setup of acrobot dist...