Saturday, 26 May 2012

Folder lock without any software

Hide your Files / Folders without any software:

first download this file & unrar,

Then open, u got a notepad file.

and replace your password on 23rd line instead of-   type your password here    place
now save as, give the file name as   -   locker.bat.
In save as type option - select all files
u can view a file - msdos batch file -  like lock icon
double click that,
u can find a folder named - locker,
copy your files into that locker folder,
now double click locker.bat file, it as - are u sure want to u lock the folder(Y/N)
now type-  y   and enter
so your locker folder is hide,
when you need that folder - double click on locker.bat -  it ask enter password to unlock folder- now u enter ur password

and click enter

thats all you can view your locker folder and see your files inside that....

dont forget-  hide locker.bat file


  1. Hi it's very nice....
    your instruction works for me.

  2. Re upload link please

  3. In my windows 10,anuscript manager shows error "DLL:Could not open an essential data file"
    How to solve this problem? Please give me solution sir. Thank you!